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UPDATE 04-12-23
by Vhalkov
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UPDATE 04-12-23

[PT/BR] Update 04-12-23

  • Remove Slot Stone agora remove apenas o último slot aplicado;
  • Fire Axe e Fire Sword tiveram seus ataques corrigidos;
  • Removido o cap de 100% de buff que os atributos geravam (quando somados);
  • Novas áreas de hunt no mapa;
  • Corrigido receita de forja do koshei's amulet;
  • Novo summond para necromancer: utevo res "animated rotten body;
  • Melhora no ataque da power bolt (40 para 55) e da infernal bolt (72 para 80);
  • Aumento do preço da Infernal Bolt no NPC (estimulando players a fazer a POI, pois paladin poderá desbloquear a spell de fazer infernal bolt como premio da POI), em contrapartida reduzido preço da power bolt no NPC;
  • Redução do CAP do trigo, facilitando o transporte dele para craft;
  • Entrada da POI facilitada, havia muito RPG envolvido.

[ENG] Update 12-04-23

  • Remove Slot Stone now only removes the last applied slot;
  • Fire Ax and Fire Sword have had their attacks corrected;
  • Removed the 100% buff limit that attributes generated (when added together);
  • New hunting areas on the map; - Corrected koshei amulet forging recipe;
  • New summon for necromancer: utevores "animated rotten body;
  • Improvement in the attack of the power bolt (40 to 55) and the infernal bolt (72 to 80);
  • Increased price of the Infernal Bolt at the NPC (encouraging players to make a POI, as the paladin will be able to unlock an infernal bolt spell as a reward for the POI), in exchange for the reduced price of the power bolt at the NPC;
  • Reduction of wheat CAP, facilitating its transport for crafts;
  • POI entry made easier, there was a lot of RPG involved.
04.12.23 12:06:57

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